Return to Naseberry Hill, the 7th Hill of Kildare, is the story of the return of the heir of the decayed plantation, Naseberry Hill. As book 2 in the Kildare Hills trilogy, it recounts the interrelated journeys and interlocking experiences of Europeans, Africans and indigenous peoples.  Their journeys spanned from tragedy to hope and back again, as they came looking for self-advancement, but instead found themselves in the grip of otherworldly forces over which they had no control. This is the stuff that creates powerful historical images which linger, often unnoticed, in the superficial serenity of a site at which modern locals and tourists gather.  They visit for different reasons: to get an easy feel of the temper of history: to soak in the local ambience of a culture which embraces the past and seems to revere it, but is in fact only interested in present pleasure; but for some, the past and the present intersect as the agony and the ecstasy of self-discovery, of letting go of fea

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A Trending Schoolbag would Have Been Nice

Growing up in the countryside,  like many other children, I walked to school every day, always in the company of other family members. At that time, neither school shoes nor bags were seen as important. In fact, it was a treat to us to be allowed to take our shoes off and walk around barefoot. I didn't care a bit, whether or not I was dressed in the latest trends. How different it is nowadays, when wearing shoes is an absolute necessity, firstly, because distances have increased so rapidly, and secondly, because schoolyards are now so much bigger and to a large extent have acres of paved surfaces. In one of my stories, Secret Thunder ,  I described how  my alter ego, little Dee, wakes up early on the morning after being punished for attempting to exert her rights to her own identity at school on the previous day, and attempts to get back to the scene of the previous day's misfortune. The bag that she carried would have been a humble satchel, not the stylish back